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Red Sky is a multi-disciplined consultancy

based in Milton Keynes


Red Sky is about looking at things differently – being original, creative and passionate about everything we do. We like to think of it as blue sky thinking ‘with a twist’.


Yes, we do design, yes we do websites and yes, we do branding but so do many other agencies, so what makes us different? We like to think it’s our approach – we’re not afraid to challenge our clients’ thinking and look for more interesting solutions. We’re easy to work with – no tantrums or fuss* – just a highly creative, responsive and friendly team with a shared vision – to paint the sky RED! That’s why our clients stick with us – in fact, most of them have worked with us for many years. If there's a project you’d like to discuss with us please get in touch.


*apart from extreme circumstances, we’re only human, after all!



Now everything’s pretty much in the cloud, web covers it all. Websites and mobile apps obviously, but we also include user interface design. We have experience in designing elegant UI for a great UX! So whether it’s a new website, smartphone app, administration portal or an interface for a touch screen control panel we can help.


We take the view that everything produced has a cost and therefore needs to add value. Whether it’s a brochure or exhibition graphics, the design has to be eye-catching and, most importantly, communicate your key messages clearly and effectively to get the results you want.


A brand isn't just a logo, website or a colour scheme: it’s an identity. 

Everything from the way you look to the way you talk is driven by the strength of your brand identity. At Redsky, we believe in maximising your strengths by creating high-quality branding to effectively communicate what your business stands for.



We have accomplished a lot since forming in 2002. Here we show a few examples of work produced for some of our clients.


Other services

As well as our core services shown above we also offer help with corporate videos and photography, app development, website SEO and social media management. These additional services complete the package and are often essential to help get your message out there.

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If your business could use some Red Sky thinking, please call us on 01908 508822 or leave a message in the form below to find out more.

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